Open Road

Teach Us to Sit Still

That unfulfilled nature of being human, and of yearning for something more, for God, is a common theme during Lent. We wear ashes to remind us we’re dust. We fast to feel hunger. We walk the stations of the cross, shifting our weight uncomfortably as we hear “If this cup shall pass,” while knowing full well it won’t. We’re well aware there’s a cost to discipleship—and it often comes with walking away from the one thing we’ve convinced ourselves we need.

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Wrapped in the Arms of Mercy

I was eight years old when I went to confession for the first time. The whole idea of confession terrified me. Already very shy and mortally afraid of talking to people, I was not looking forward to telling a stranger all the bad things I had done. The church was very bright and very full…

Black Bean Soup in a bowl

Vegetarian Recipes

Giving up wing night or pepperoni pizza can be a challenge during the Lenten season. After the 15th vegetable disguised as meat appears on your plate, you may feel ready to pull your tongue out. But really, Lent doesn’t need to end in desperately pleading with angels for an end to the avocados.

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Chapman: “How Forgiving Can Change the World”

Some scholarly articles teach. Others infuriate. A few spark interest. A few more spark a good nap. But change the world? Those articles are rare indeed.

In the summer of 2016, however, Dr. Milo Milburn, a professor of psychology at Franciscan University, learned that his article, “To Forgive Is to Be Sane and Realistic: Contributions of REBT to the Psychology of Forgiving,” was selected by Springer Publishing as one of the “ground-breaking articles that has the potential to change the world.”

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The Franciscan Crown Rosary for Lent

Catholics are familiar with the five-decade Rosary given to us by the Dominicans, but did you know the Franciscans also pray a seven-decade Rosary known as the Franciscan Crown? The Franciscan Crown Rosary dates back the 15th century when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Assisi to a Franciscan friar named James. As a child,…