Martin: “Thoughts on Suicide”

It takes only four seconds to reach the water, the experts tell us, hitting it at a speed of about 75 mph. Death is usually instantaneous, although a few have survived the trauma, some of them even returning to get it right the second time. And while the death toll is impressive, what really catches the eye is the fact that, almost without exception, they are all pointing West, hurling themselves into the black expanse of the night.

Basilica di San Zeno crypt

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Saint Zeno of Verona Feast Day: April 12 (May 21 in Verona) Patronage: Verona, Fishing Saint Zeno was born in North Africa in the year 300, and died in the year 380. In the year 362 he became the bishop of Verona, Italy. As bishop he preached strongly against Arianism, and baptized many into the…