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Featuring Steubenville Conferences speaker Sr. Miriam Heidland, SOLT, and former Franciscan student Heather Khym

“In this episode we discuss how to be a people of hope and not give into despair amidst the tragedy that we experience in the world. If we can keep the hope of heaven in our hearts, we can answer God’s invitation to be a beacon of hope to a hurting world.”

Featuring Franciscan University graduate Fr. Michael O’Loughlin

“Don’t Worry Soul, Penance is Coming!”

How penance can help and heal the Body of Christ.

Featuring Steubenville Conferences speaker Fr. Michael Schmitz

“We fast during Lent for many reasons. Whether those reasons are good or not is hard to tell sometimes, though. Sometimes we fast and do penance for personal reasons (I want to lose weight), or for practical reasons (I can save my family money or feed poor children), but too often our fasting is not actually about God. In this video, Fr. Mike reminds us that God cares about us so much he is willing to notice our sacrifices—no matter how meager they may seem—and he wants us to use those sacrifices to draw closer to him.”

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