Dr. Regis Martin, professor of Theology at Franciscan University and author for Crisis Magazine, writes on the importance of sanctity in the lives of believers.

It is no easy thing to write about sanctity. Nor should anyone wish it to be so, since glibness is the last thing we need when confronting the mysteries of grace. This is particularly the case when the writer himself has so little to boast of in the way of sanctity. But, then, not even the great Bernanos, whose voice gave expression to the soul of Catholic France, could escape the limitations imposed by that fact.

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Dr. Regis Martin
Dr. Regis Martin

Dr. Regis Martin has been a professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio since 1988. Students eagerly enroll in his undergraduate and graduate courses, including Foundations of Catholicism, Grace and Virtues, and The Trinity.