Dr. Regis Martin, professor of Theology at Franciscan University and author for Crisis Magazine, writes on why falling in love with God above is the single most stupendous adventure awaiting the human heart.

So, then, if we are to succeed in restoring something of that taste for God, what Monsignor Knox used to call relish for eternity, we need to know which category we’re up against, and frame the appeal accordingly. And to that end I would suggest that while not much in the way of argument is likely to awaken the dead, i.e., the souls of those who have already pulled the plug on God, and no argument at all is needed to persuade the saint, there are at least two things on which the pilgrim soul can draw to help in his quest for God. The first is exhortation.

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Dr. Regis Martin
Dr. Regis Martin

Dr. Regis Martin has been a professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio since 1988. Students eagerly enroll in his undergraduate and graduate courses, including Foundations of Catholicism, Grace and Virtues, and The Trinity.