Listen to Lenten-themed episodes from theology professor Dr. Regis Martin’s pithy and witty podcast, “In Search of the Still Point.”

“On Love and Forgiveness”

“Body of Christ, you miserable wretch…”

“On Being Given and Forgiven”

“Having a lovely Lent, are we?”

“Be worthy of the flame consuming you”

“The hour is coming”

“Happy Feast Day, St. Joseph!”

“Confidence in Christ amid corona…”

“Giving Christ His Due…”

About the Author

Dr. Regis Martin has been a professor of dogmatic and systematic theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, since 1988. Countless EWTN viewers know Dr. Martin as a regular panelist on Franciscan University Presents, a theology discussion program to which he brings his knowledge and love of the Catholic faith, keen wit, and occasional humor as the panel probes timely moral and religious topics.