Emily Flood


“Anathan Theatre is small in size but my experience here has been tremendous. The smaller setting gives all of us even more of an opportunity to be involved in all parts of production. The authentically Catholic culture at the school nourishes our sense of respect for the art and respect for those around us. The people I have encountered here are humble, hard-working, and bursting with creativity. The environment at Franciscan has nurtured a thriving theatre community here and I’m excited to see where we go next!”

Featured Saint

Saint Zeno of Verona Feast Day: April 12 (May 21 in Verona) Patronage: Verona, Fishing Saint Zeno was born in North Africa in the year 300, and died in the year 380. In the year 362 he became the bishop of Verona, Italy. As bishop he preached strongly against Arianism, and baptized many into the…

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